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College Preparation Guide

  • Comprehensive guides to start your college journey.

  • 1Why Students Choose an Online Education

    It all starts with a decision: to pursue your degree online or not. There are more than enough compelling reasons out there. Do yourself a favor and run through all of them.

  • 5Succeeding in Your Online Program

    So you are off and running in your first ever online degree program. Not so fast. Regardless of where your education happens, real success in school is all about execution. This primer will help you make the grade.

In-Depth Guides

  • Opportunities Based on Degree

    Statistically speaking, the degree you choose puts you on a certain track when it comes to career opportunities. We'll show you how to approach your degree with a post-degree mindset.

  • Overview of Online College Accreditation

    Accreditation legitimizes educating bodies. But there are many kinds of accreditation, with varying implications. We'll teach you what to look for based on your aspirations.

  • Post-Grad Employment

    Hitting the bricks with a degree in hand isn't exactly easy. This is a crucial resource for anyone bracing themselves for the day when there is no more school.

  • The Most Popular Scholarships for Online Students

    Online students need scholarships too! Far too many people assume that an online education means the quality and the price plummet. Excellent students earning excellent online degrees should go after a number of the scholarships we've collected.